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Stoll Baytree Magazine Praises Driver Who Uses ReaXium

Here’s What They Had To Say!

Stroll Baytree Keirsten Denzel writes: “Did you know, we are lucky to have one of our own to drive the students of Brevard County to school everyday? This is George’s retirement job, but he has lived in Baytree for 23 years. George raised his family here, his three sons right in Kingswood…So in the mornings or evenings, when you are stopped by the front gates with flashing lights, just know that the man behind the wheel is one of our own!”

Audio Testimony

Excerpt from Paula Mancini

“Like we were saying, as bus drivers we have a very stressful job, and we do it in earthquake conditions, and when we get somebody that’s willing to work with us and teach us calmly, even though we’re a little bit frazzled, and frustrated with technology, it helps us as bus drivers.”

Use the player below to hear more from Paula Mancini.

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