Comprehensive Student Ridership Solution

Improve the safety, security, visibility and communications of school bus transportation with the integration of tools for everyone involved.

ReaXium School Bus provides accurate student ridership tracking to protect the people we all care about

For District's Transportation Administrators & Schools

Web App – Dashboard

For School Bus Drivers

Device App

For Administrators at all level


Ridership Solution Add-Ons

Student ridership app icon for parents

Login or request a code

Mobile app for parents to track the school bus and student riderhip

GPS Tracking & Telematics

DUAL GPS Solution.

Beyond Ridership... Why the quality of data captured when a student boards matters

While “ridership” traditionally only refers to the number of riders, Value-Added Ridership provided by ReaXium provides a depth of information related to each student to address districts’ challenges and provide insights to allow them to make data driven decisions.

As a company we also started with just counting. Our first features were real-time counters, but we soon realized everyone wants to dig in deeper. And so we made sure to provide a value-added ridership beyond just the number . We realized comprehensive ridership can assist with daily operations, audits, accidents or emergencies, and parent communications.


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