Contact Tracing on the School Bus

Contact Tracing Reporting: a COVID19 response feature of ReaXium School Bus

Identify students who may have come into contact with an infected person and subsequent collection of further information to conduct contact tracing on the school bus.

For Administrators

ReaXium Web App – Contact Tracing Report

Having these details on hand ensures districts and schools have everything they need to effectively communicate to all parties the safest next steps.

Contact Tracing Report Display on Screen
Contact Tracing Screen and Seating Chart Report

This is possible thanks to the integrated Bus Seating Chart that provides a trip-by-trip view of how every passenger should have been seated while on the bus and allows you to:

How do we make this happen? By Extending Student Ridership as a contact Tracing Tool

The yellow school bus works great as a contact tracing tool when the right student ridership technology is implemented.

ReaXium School Bus is our comprehensive student ridership solution that improves the safety, visibility and communication of school bus transportation with the integration of tools for everyone involved.


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