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Customer service is our #1 priority! REAXIUM has provided solutions to 160+ schools and over 900 active users since the beginning of our journey. We pride ourselves on providing excellent support and offering a well structured customer service team to assist our customers!

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Our Recognized
Managed Service Model

We provide you with quality service that combines mobile devices with customizable applications as a monthly operational expense. All your data, upgrades, technical support and professional services are provided to keep your infrastructure running optimally on the latest technology.

Customer Support

Our commitment is to guide you to get the best out of your solutions.

No CapEx Investment

Forget about paying hefty upfront costs for expensive infrastructure.

Tailor-made Solutions

We offer a high degree of customization to respond to your unique pains.

Experience REAXIUM’s Impact in School Transportation

Find out what the community says about us

Dive into our video collection and see how REAXIUM is reshaping school transportation. Our concise videos feature insights from Parents and School Administrators from charter and public schools. Discover the real-life benefits of our Ridership Solutions, GPS Tracking, and Parent Apps, all aimed at enhancing safety and efficiency in student transport

Our solutions are designed to create safer environments, improve efficiency, and provide real-time visibility

At ReaXium, we combine excellent customer service with mobile devices and customizable applications to empower you to solve everyday problems and simplify complex processes.

School Transportation

Provide everything your transportation department needs.

ReaXium School Bus

Student Ridership, GPS Tracking, Contact Tracing, Bus Seating Charts and Mobile Applications.
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Family & School Reunification Solution

Family Reunification

Improve student safety during a crisis situation.

ReaXium School Reunification

Adopt a plan that guides family reunification.
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Student Badging Solution

Student Badging

Identify and secure students.

ReaXium Vision

ID badges, Photo ID software and printers.
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School Attendance

Simplify student attendance tracking.

ReaXium School Attendance

Provide classrooms the tools to accurately monitor daily student attendance.
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School Cafeteria

Digitalize your cafeteria.

ReaXium School Cafeteria

Streamline food services with accurate identification and monitoring.
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ReaXium Insight Hub

Empowering Schools with Innovative Solutions

Dive into insightful articles, stay informed with our latest news, and be a part of our story as we revolutionize safety and efficiency in K-12 education. The ReaXium Insight Hub is your gateway to understanding how technology can create safer, smarter, and more connected schools.

News & Announcements

Polk County Public Schools testing out ReaXium’s School Bus Solution: Ridership, GPS Tracking & Telematics and MyReaXiumApp for Parents and Guardians.

Discover how the Polk County School Board, in collaboration with Reaxium, is considering a cutting-edge school bus tracking system to improve safety and efficiency. Learn about the benefits of students scanning ID cards on and off the bus, the introduction of a mobile app for parents, and the potential impact on the community.

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We work closely with our clients to truly understand their pains and always seek valuable feedback from them in order to learn and evolve.

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