ReaXium School Bus User, Featured In Stroll Baytree Community, Melbourne, FL magazine!

ReaXium School Bus User, BPS Bus Driver Featured In Stroll Baytree Community, Melbourne, FL Magazine!

Stroll, the premier publisher of affluent neighborhood magazines, has reached millions of homeowners in upscale communities since 2004. Stroll introduces different neighbors each month by sharing their stories and photos in the magazine. In the November edition for the Baytree Community, Melbourne, Florida, you can find an unique article called ‘MEET GEORGE’, written by a junior resident, featuring a Brevard Public Schools Bus Driver. When interviewed, George was very enthusiastic. He mentioned how he now has a new tool to provide better service to his community, and as the interviewer mentioned, he was able to help her to utilize the system. Both driver and rider highlight how the system will help to “identify and authenticate each student when they are picked up and dropped off at home and school.” This new tool is the ReaXium School Bus System.

At ReaXium, we are happy to announce that George is one of the most knowledgeable users of the ReaXium School Bus Solution. He participates in pilots, tests, and ultimately in being very proactive in giving us feedback to improve our solution. He is proactive in helping riders, co-workers, and our support team on the field. George has been crucial for the success of the implementation of this solution at Brevard Public Schools Transportation Fleet.

But say no more, here is the original article:




New in the 2022 school year was the introduction of the ReaXium Route assistance in all school buses throughout Brevard. This routing system is a device where the passengers scan their ID cards when they get on the bus. It helps to identify and authenticate each student when they are picked up and dropped off at home and school. Ridership data and real-time information are collected daily during the school day while on transportation, and its data is available to find out where the students are. This program did have a few bugs at first, my tag didn’t work for a while, but that’s how I got my amazing bus driver George.

On my first day of school, my tag failed, and George, my bus driver for (Baytree, some of Viera, and Suntree sub developments), assisted me with my tag. Did you know we are lucky to have one of our own to drive the students of Brevard County to school every day? This is George’s retirement job, but he has lived in Baytree for 23 years. George raised his family here, his three sons right in Kingswood.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, George transferred here in 1999. He had a career for 38 years working for (GSI). Now he is in his third year of driving for Brevard Public Schools. With bus drivers being in such demand and George having a CDL license (commercial driver’s license), he wanted to contribute to the community here. Besides driving buses and walking his dog, Lucy, he also enjoys working in his yard. He also enjoys participating in Classic Muscle Car Shows. George also is a member of the Long-Range Target High Power Rifle Team; he competes with other teams.

So in the morning or evenings, when you are stopped by the front gates with flashing lights, just know that the man behind the wheel is one of our own. Taking the kids in his own neck of the woods to school.

Thanks, George, for the safe ride to and from school, and the next time you see him, give him a wave!


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