K-12 Education Solutions

Empower school districts and families through operational visibility, identity management, real-time data, & insightful reporting.

School Transportation

Provide everything your transportation department needs.

ReaXium School Bus

Student Ridership, GPS Tracking, Contact Tracing, Bus Seating Charts and Mobile Applications.
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Family & School Reunification Solution

Family Reunification

Improve student safety during a crisis situation.

ReaXium School Reunification

Adopt a plan that guides family reunification.
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Student Badging Solution

Student Badging

Identify and secure students.

ReaXium Vision

ID badges, Photo ID software and printers.
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School Attendance

Simplify student attendance tracking.

ReaXium School Attendance

Provide classrooms the tools to accurately monitor daily student attendance.
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School Cafeteria

Digitalize your cafeteria.

ReaXium School Cafeteria

Streamline food services with accurate identification and monitoring.
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