Comprehensive Student ID Card System

ReaXium and Vision have formed a partnership to support school districts with the most innovative school ID card solution that provides safety for students and visibility for administrators.

Student ID badges are not just a photo. They are multi-functional cards with built-in visual and non-visual security features to keep students safe.

It provides information that is essential to improving bus routing, analyzing bus utilization, and providing accurate ridership data to the state. But more importantly, it will give us a renewed focus on safety as it lets us track when and where students get on and off the bus and alert parents who sign up for the service with real-time notifications via text or email.


The use of badges integrated with School Bus facilitates the day-to-day operations. Get the full picture of daily school operations through a user-friendly dashboards that allows districts to:

    • Monitor student ridership and attendance
    • Track bus location and passengers onboard
    • Stay connected and supervise students
    • Manage student information
    • Verify planning vs reality

By implementing the use of Badges and ReaXium School Bus all the data gathered will result in  insightful operational reports, that will allow school districts to achieve savings for bus utilization, facilitate required Student Attendance & Ridership Reporting and mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID-19, in addition to access to many other reports:

    • Verify planning Vs Reality
    • Accurate attendance on the bus
    • Contact tracing report
    • Bus seating chart
    • FTE reporting

For School Districts

ReaXium Web App & Badging Software

Students ID Card System Dashboard and Student Ridership Web app

For Parents & Guardians

ReaXium Parent App

Provide students’ particular contacts the peace of mind they deserve:


* By identifying students as they ride district buses and interact with school facilities, administrators, drivers, and families can stay informed!

For School Bus Drivers

ReaXium Device

Empower your drivers to keep everyone connected:

School Bus Driver with ID Card Tablet reader

Interested in starting a pilot?

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