Comprehensive Family Reunification Solution

Improve the safety, visibility and communication of school officials over their students during a school crisis situation with the integration of tools for everyone involved.

Support all personnel efforts to respond to emergencies and adopt a plan that guides family reunification when schools are closed or unexpectedly evacuated during a crisis situation

ReaXium School Reunification would empower all to safely reunify students and their guardians

Districts Safety and Security teams can count on:

Monitor and Track



The Family Reunification process in 3 simple stages:

1. Identification

School site administrators and bus drivers can quickly identify students or any other riders as they board the bus through badge scans, student name lookups, and student ID searches. Additionally, each student’s destination can be documented individually.

2. Evacuation

Drivers are authenticated before operating. Evacuation buses head to crisis sites and then to chosen reunification sites, with map guidance. Buses have GPS tracking, live passenger monitoring, and there’s a system for emergency broadcasting to contacts.

3. Reunification

Students’ current status can be checked, their contact details verified, and documentation for their release is stored for security purposes.

ReaXium School Reunification featured on CBS12 News & WPTV


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