Empower All The Charter School’s Community To:

  • Improve safety, security and visibility of Transportation Operations.
  • Enhance Parents&Guardians – School communications effortlessly.

With ReaXium School Bus – Ridership Solution and MyReaXiumApp for Parents & Guardians


Optimize Safety, Efficiency, and Communication with ReaXium’s Tailored Solutions for Charter Schools.

Charter schools face many issues with student transportation. Keeping track of students, making sure they’re safe, talking with parents, and sticking to tight budgets can be tough. Add in the need to follow rules and handle any bus problems, and it’s a lot to manage. Thankfully, there’s a solution designed just for these problems.

Why Choose ReaXium's Ridership for Your Charter School?


Safety & Efficiency

With real-time student tracking, ensure every child is safely aboard and accounted for.


Premium Support

Streamline your transportation operations with accurate planning vs. reality insights.


Florida First

By being local we understand our school system and what the community needs.


Cost Effective

Bundle devices, services, and platforms into one subscription.



Make informed decisions using real-time and historical ridership data.


Parents' Peace of Mind

Offer parents the transparency and peace of mind they deserve with real-time notifications.

Tailored Features for Transportation Administrators & Schools

School Transportation

Provide everything your transportation department needs.

ReaXium School Bus

Student Ridership, GPS Tracking, Contact Tracing, Bus Seating Charts and Mobile Applications.
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Family & School Reunification Solution

Family Reunification

Improve student safety during a crisis situation.

ReaXium School Reunification

Adopt a plan that guides family reunification.
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School Attendance

Simplify student attendance tracking.

ReaXium School Attendance

Provide classrooms the tools to accurately monitor daily student attendance.
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Student Badging Solution

Student Badging

Identify and secure students.

ReaXium Vision

ID badges, Photo ID software and printers.
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