Technological solutions to school bus driver shortage

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Every School District Is Looking For The Same Thing:

Solutions To School Bus Driver Shortage.

Florida has had thousands of school buses parked since the beginning of the school year due to a historic school bus driver shortage. WFTV9 reports that nearly one in five bus driver positions remain unfilled more than halfway through the first semester. Thousands of routes per day are covered by these positions.

In an attempt to retain qualified drivers, school districts are using solutions such as tablets to facilitate school bus drivers’ daily work as well as inform parents of important announcements. In an interview with Martin County school bus driver Carlette Franklin, she explained how she feels more comfortable behind the wheel when she can rely on onboard navigation assistance and student ridership functions, rather than a clipboard with paper route sheets.

“I like the tablet because it helps me get to my usual stop. Before I had the ReaXium device, I would sometimes miss my stop, but now I have technology that alerts me that I am arriving at my designated stop.” She remarked.

Carlette was also excited about how the ReaXium Device helped her contribute to student safety. The device not only helps drivers with their navigation but also alerts them whether students belong to the corresponding stop or not.

“Another benefit is certainly the ability to know whether the student’s stop is correct or not.” she said, adding that “This promotes student safety, as even substitute drivers can be assured of this with accurate information.”

Last but not least, Carlette explained that the devices are intended to automate some of the tasks school administrators are expected to perform throughout the shortage, as parents are increasingly seeking transit updates from schools. Each student is issued a badge with RFID technology. It is important because with their badge they will be able to check in and out when boarding and leaving the bus. You will have access to your particular student & assigned bus information and real-time updates through the ReaXium Parent App.

“Parents can have peace of mind knowing that the district has accurate information about their child’s status. A student may decide to get off at a stop of a family member who is not registered in the system and the transportation department can automatically inform the parents if they were to call,” she concluded.

Empowering all with technology…

The ReaXium Device is already proving its worth to more than 500 buses. It provides more than just navigation and student ridership tracking – it also helps with contact tracing and seating charts. Technology is playing a key role in student transportation, supporting school districts to mitigate the shortage and helping drivers transport America’s most precious cargo in their long-term careers.


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