Announcing a New Client: Polk County Public Schools

Polk County School Buses

Announcing a New Client: Polk County Public Schools

ReaXium will deliver their ReaXium School Bus solution, featuring Ridership, the MyReaXiumApp for parents, alongside GPS Tracking & Telematics, and aims to deploy a Dual GPS tracking system for the district’s school transportation.


ReaXium School Bus Solution: Enhancing Student Transportation  

South Florida – ReaXium announces today the signing of its newest client, Polk County Public Schools. This partnership involves their ReaXium School Bus solution, featuring Ridership, the MyReaXiumApp for parents, and GPS Tracking & Telematics, aiming to deploy a Dual GPS tracking system under a Managed Service model. This comprehensive service monitors student ridership, providing greater visibility, safety, and security for school administrators and parents as students travel to and from school.

Learn more about our School Bus Tracking App for Parents and our Student Ridership Tracking solutions.

Successful Pilot and Full-Scale Implementation

Over the past few months, Polk County Public Schools piloted the ReaXium School Bus solution, leading to the decision to contract the company and implement the solution for the beginning of the following school year.

“We’re excited about collaborating with Polk County Public Schools as a Florida-based school district. This partnership presents a significant chance to enhance the safety and effectiveness of student transportation,” says Edgar Zorrilla, CEO and President of ReaXium. “Our committed team has collaborated closely with the district’s personnel to ensure their requirements are fulfilled. Thanks to Polk County Public Schools, we’ve uncovered enhancement prospects we hadn’t previously considered. We’re confident in the success of Polk County’s transportation department in implementing ReaXium School Bus, and we’re determined not to disappoint them.”

ReaXium’s Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

Being among Florida’s largest districts, Polk County will utilize ReaXium’s managed services across a fleet of 639 school buses, serving over 48,000 students daily. Polk County aims to enrich the lives of its community’s students by providing top-notch services through a culture of dedication and teamwork. ReaXium supports this commitment by ensuring the accountability of every student on the bus, tracking the location of each bus, and keeping parents informed about their students’ status during travel to and from school.

Explore how GPS Tracking & Telematics can revolutionize your school transportation.

About ReaXium Inc.

ReaXium is a technology and service firm headquartered in Boca Raton. Through our work serving schools and organizations across the state, we have identified major pains and challenges in school transportation management that can now be solved through our solutions/services and technology:

  • Knowing when, where, and which students are boarding and exiting the buses.
  • Accurately monitoring live school bus locations.
  • Fixing inefficiencies due to manual processes, paperwork, and lack of automation.
  • Generating accurate FTE reports during approved transportation survey periods.

ReaXium has been known for its innovative managed service model, high-level customer care, and creating a system based on customer feedback tailored to fit school district needs. We are delighted to be part of Polk County Public Schools’ successes as it will provide a benchmark for all Florida school districts.

For more information on how ReaXium can enhance your school transportation system, visit ReaXium School Transportation Solutions.


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