Polk County Public Schools testing out ReaXium’s School Bus Solution: Ridership, GPS Tracking & Telematics and MyReaXiumApp for Parents and Guardians.

In the heart of Polk County, a revolutionary step towards student safety and operational efficiency is under consideration. The Polk County School Board is exploring the possibility of implementing a state-of-the-art school bus tracking system, designed to ensure the well-being of its students while optimizing transportation logistics. This initiative, a collaboration with Reaxium, a leader in Technology as a Service (TaaS), aims to introduce a pilot program that could redefine school transportation in the county.

The Need for Advanced School Bus Tracking

The proposal comes at a critical time when the safety of students during their daily commute is of paramount importance. The traditional methods of monitoring student ridership, often manual and time-consuming, are no longer sufficient in today’s fast-paced and digitally connected world. The need for a more secure, reliable, and efficient way to manage school transportation has never been more apparent.

The Proposed Pilot Program

The pilot program is set to introduce a system where students will be provided with ID cards, which they will scan upon boarding and disembarking from school buses. This innovative approach aims to enhance student safety by allowing district staff to monitor bus occupancy in real-time, ensuring that students are on the correct bus and disembarking at the right stops.

Initially, the program will be launched with ten buses at center schools, focusing on special needs, pre-k, and kindergarten students. This targeted approach ensures that the most vulnerable student populations are the first to benefit from the enhanced safety measures.

The Role of Mobile Technology

A significant advantage of the proposed system is the introduction of a mobile app for parents. This app will enable parents to track the proximity of the bus to their child’s stop, monitor boarding and disembarking times, and access route information. The transparency and peace of mind this technology provides to parents are invaluable, bridging the gap between school transportation operations and family expectations.

Benefits Beyond Safety

While the primary goal of the school bus tracking system is to improve student safety, the benefits extend far beyond. The system is expected to streamline the process of monitoring student ridership, which is currently conducted manually. By automating this process, the district can capture valuable data that is critical for state transportation funding purposes.

Furthermore, the implementation of this technology has the potential to significantly reduce overtime hours, contributing to cost savings for the district. With an estimated program cost exceeding $900,000, the return on investment, in terms of both safety and operational efficiency, is substantial.

Looking Ahead

Should the pilot program prove successful, there are plans to implement the system across the district for the upcoming school year. The final decision on this transformative initiative is scheduled to be made at an upcoming school board meeting, marking a potential milestone in the journey towards safer and more efficient school transportation in Polk County.

The consideration of a school bus tracking system by the Polk County School Board, in collaboration with Reaxium, represents a significant step forward in leveraging technology to enhance student safety and operational efficiency. As the community awaits the final decision, the anticipation builds for a future where school transportation is not only safer but smarter. Through innovation and collaboration, Polk County is poised to set a new standard for school districts everywhere, demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of its students and the efficiency of its operations.


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