The City of Pembroke Pines provides parents peace of mind with new school bus tracking app

Pembroke Pines & ReaXium Partnership Announcement

South Florida– ReaXium has partnered with The City of Pembroke Pines, to bring forth greater visibility into the county’s childs school transportation. Close to 2,500 Pembroke Pines Charter School students across the five campus sites are eligible for school bus transportation services.

Families put their children’s safety first; So does the City and ReaXium.

When it comes to the safety of students, it all starts on the school bus ride to school. Partnering to implement ReaXium’s comprehensive student ridership solution, the City will be able to monitor their school buses and increase student safety in countless ways.

Our solution, ReaXium School Bus, would retrofit a school bus with a no-install device with GPS and RFID capabilities to capture and securely transmit data on the bus status and its riders. When the bus arrives at a stop or at school; students would “check-in” or “check-out” at the device with their RFID-enabled school IDs to ensure they have safely arrived.

From real-time GPS tracking of the vehicles to live notifications to families of their student’s bus status, the solution empowers the City and the greater community of families of charter school students to improve the safety, visibility and communications of school bus transportation with the integration of tools for everyone involved:

  • Most importantly, the solution will allow Pembroke Pines Charter School families to have access to their particular students’ ridership information through the secure ReaXium Mobile App.

  • Pembroke Pines Charter School administrators and transportation operators will have access to real-time ridership and bus information so they can be prepared to oversee the fleet and the transport of their children.

  • Drivers will have buses outfitted with a device to guide them during the trip and notify them of the right stop and student roster.

The first months of the year 2022, charter school families will be invited to subscribe to the ReaXium Parent App to access their children’s routing information, as well as to receive notifications about student boarding, estimated pick-up times, and more. Subscribed parents, guardians, and families will have the technology and tools to monitor their children during school transportation with ease. Real-time access to the latest location information for their particular child’s bus as well as alerts from the bus driver or any irregularities means stress-free mornings, peace of mind in the afternoons, and great communication and visibility with the City’s Transportation Services all year round!

Contact us for more information on the technology-as-a-service firm that supports school districts with solutions that provide safety and visibility over their operations.


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