ReaXium Welcomes A New Client: Brevard School District

Brevard - New School District Onboard

ReaXium Will Deliver a dual GPS tracking system, a student ridership solution, and a parent mobile app to the District’s school transportation

South Florida– ReaXium announces today the signing of its newest client, Brevard Public Schools. This partnership involves a dual GPS tracking system and the ReaXium School Bus solution, a comprehensive service that tracks student ridership, minimizes errors in attendance reporting, and provides greater visibility for school administrators and parents as students travel to and from school.

​​Over the next few months, Brevard Public Schools will pilot the ReaXium School Bus solution to have everything set up and well configured for the beginning of the following school year.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Brevard Public Schools. Being a local Florida school district, this has been a tremendous opportunity to promote the safety and efficiency of student transportation,” says Edgar Zorrilla, CEO, and President of ReaXium. “Our dedicated team has worked closely with the district’s staff to make sure their needs are met. Because of Brevard Public Schools, we were also able to identify improvement opportunities we didn’t imagine were possible. We know Brevard’s transportation department will be successful in its efforts for the school bus and student ridership tracking. We will not let them down.”

As the 10th largest district in Florida, Brevard will enlist the help of ReaXium’s managed services over a fleet of 475 school buses, where 25,000 students ride the bus daily. Brevard’s goal is to serve its community and enhance students’ lives by delivering the highest quality services in a culture of dedication and collaboration. ReaXium aligns with its commitment by ensuring that every student that rides the bus is accounted for, every bus location is known and parents know the status of their students when traveling to and from school.

About ReaXium Inc.: ReaXium is a technology & service firm headquartered in Boca Raton. Due to the course of our work serving schools and organizations across the state, we have identified major pains and challenges to school transportation management that can now be solved through our solutions/services & technology:

  • Knowing when, where and which students are boarding and exiting the buses.
  • Accurately monitor live school bus locations.
  • Fix the inefficiencies due to manual processes, paperwork, and lack of automatization
  • Generate accurate FTE reports during approved transportation survey periods.

ReaXium has been known for its innovative managed service model, high-level of customer care, and creating a system based on customer feedback that was tailored to fit the school district’s needs. Now we are delighted to be part of Brevard Public Schools’ successes as it will provide a benchmark for all Florida school districts.


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