5 benefits of school bus transportation for your child

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Since the first all-steel school bus was built in 1930, school buses have been a major pillar in our community. Families throughout the country have enjoyed the convenience of school transportation, especially those who can’t drive their children to and from school. In the United States, 26 million children are transported daily, saving families time and money. However, the back-to-school season brings a number of opinions about school buses, especially those of parents who are worried about sending their children to school in a vehicle driven by a stranger and crowded with unknown children.

As a matter of fact, school buses are among the safest vehicles on the road. Because school buses are the most regulated vehicles on the road, they’re built to be safer than passenger cars in terms of preventing collisions and injuries, and stop-arm rules protect children from other motorists in every state. Aside from that, it is well known they reduce traffic, save gas, time, and money, and provide jobs. However, in this publication we want to highlight 5 benefits school transportation brings to the student’s personal development and family convenience:

1. Bonds and a sense of belonging are created on the school bus

Almost everyone has a memory of riding and meeting new friends on the school bus. Students can get to know each other and feel part of a community. It is an excellent way to bring students together and foster school spirit and solidarity. It also provides a safe environment for children to get to know each other and form stronger friendships.

2. Riding the school bus teaches time management

When utilizing school transportation, students need to be able to follow a schedule. For this reason, the school bus provides them with the opportunity to learn the importance of time management. It teaches them how to develop their routines and the self-discipline they need to stick to them.

3. Riding the school bus teaches responsibility

For the children to ride a bus safely, they need to know their bus number and pay attention to where they are boarding. They should also make sure to get off at the right stop with their belongings. Kids gain an increased sense of independence by taking on these everyday responsibilities.

4. The school bus is the safest vehicle on the road

School buses are, as we mentioned earlier, one of the safest means of transportation. In the event of an accident, its unique design allows it to absorb impact and protect children. Furthermore, school bus drivers are trained professionals who will devote themselves to your child’s safety. It takes extensive training, licensing, and testing to become a school bus driver. That means you can rest assured that they’ll be safe and sound.

5. The school bus allows children the freedom

It may seem more convenient for you to drive your child to and from school each day, but they are likely to prefer riding with their friends. Riding the bus is a great way to meet new kids and have some fun. Of course, there are bus rules and safety standards in place, but it is a break from their overly-structured days at school and home.

Technology to bring families and legal guardians peace of mind during school transportation

We are firm believers that technology is the main driver of safer communities. That is why parents need to have the best tools in their hands to ensure the safety of their children while riding the school bus. We bring families peace of mind by staying connected to their children’s school bus rides. The ReaXium Parent App allows them to precisely know where the school buses are and get real-time notifications regarding the students’ estimated arrival time, pick up time, drop off time, and their status along the routes.

We make this happen by outfitting each bus with a ReaXium device to guide school bus drivers during the trip and notify them of the right stop and student roster. When the bus arrives at a stop or school; students will “check in” or “check out” at the device with their RFID-enabled school IDs to ensure they have safely arrived.

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