6 Benefits Parents Get Thanks To A School Bus Tracking App

School Bus tracking app and parent's finger

Parents give priority to the safety of their children, not only within school facilities but also when their children are on the buses traveling to and from school. One of the last things any parent wants is to have their children wait at the bus stop longer than they have to. They also do not want them standing by the side of the road in the cold or the rain during bad weather. Parents want to know where their children’s school buses are, and the ReaXium Parent App can help you do that effortlessly, accurately, and reliably.

The installation of GPS on school buses is a smart idea, and it has been done for a while. Having visibility into where buses are and where they are going improves a school transportation department’s situational awareness. But until recently, this valuable information was only available to the transportation office. Before parents would have to wait impatiently until their children reached the school or their doorstep. Since they had no idea where the bus was, they had to call the school office and hope that someone would answer.

In this age of technology, school bus tracking apps are now used to provide parents peace of mind. Parents benefit from this system and ensure the safety of their children in many ways:

1. Know Where The School Bus Is At All Times

Parents will be able to easily see their children’s exact whereabouts in real-time while on the bus. Tracking the location of the school bus helps them prepare to drop off or pick up their children from the bus stop. Knowing the status of your child along the route is priceless!

2. Travel Details Of Your Child At Your Finger Tips

Knowledge is wealth. As a parent, you will always be able to see the information about the travel details of your child. Furthermore, if your child gets on or off the school bus, you’ll see the event logged right away.

3. Get Notified of Unforeseen Changes

It may be a natural disaster, a school bus breakdown, or a traffic delay that causes your child’s trip to be interrupted. With the school bus tracking app in your hands, a notification will appear on your smartphone telling you of any impediment that requires your attention. As a result, you will be in a better position to make alternate arrangements or take any other remedial steps that you consider appropriate.

4. Ensure The Right Bus And Stop

Sometimes, your student may get on the wrong bus by mistake, our student ridership solution ensures that he or she will be helped by flagging their access so drivers may redirect them to where they need to be. In addition, you will be notified in the event of such an occurrence.

5. Better Time Management In The Morning

School days can be stressful. 

Getting ready for work…Getting children prepped for school…Make sure they board the school bus on time… Wonder when and where they are boarding and exiting the bus…And so on… 

Receiving information before the school bus arrives to either pick up your student or drop them off from home or school helps you remove this stress from your life!

How To Get Started on the ReaXium Parent App?

1. Check your Email Inbox

The app is only accessible by authorized parents and guardians. If your child is a registered charter school student, you should have received an invitation code and the app’s link via email. If you have not received an email, you can still get on board and request a code by clicking here.

2. Subscribe

Once you have received your unique, secure invitation code, copy it and click here to launch the app and finish registering. The app is mobile-friendly. You may use the app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Make sure to save the App icon to your smartphone’s home screen for easy access every time!

3. You are on board!

After choosing the subscription plan that fits your family members’ needs you are good to go! Invite any other trusted persons under your plan to make sure everyone who needs to can stay connected to your child’s transportation information and updates.

For assistance with the ReaXium Parents App, you can email support@reaxium.com


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