School transportation is an area of great interest for families all over the world. At its root, school transportation is the simple transfer of students from their homes to their schools and vice versa. However, beyond that, school transportation is the most efficient way of guaranteeing that students are arriving at their respective schools and educational centers in a reliable, secure, and traceable fashion. This school bus system has quite an interesting history in the United States. A particularly revealing milestone is that in 2015 there were more than 26 million students transported daily to schools across the country using more than 500,000 school buses.

The history of school bus milestones really begins in 1930 when WayneWorks built the first all-steel school bus body with safety glass windows. Since then, there have been many years of success in the use and growth of the school bus, which has given way to a robust and diverse service industry entirely dedicated to serving schools, transportation departments, and bus contractors.

At ReaXium, we are constantly innovating in integrating different technological solutions that allow us to address the pains of not knowing or having access to what is happening on the school bus – a vehicle that carries millions of children daily on their way to school. These innovations start from the basic recognition of passengers, to their route and programmed stops, to even the specific timeframe or schedule involved in secure pickup and drop off of school bus riders from their schools, as well as back to their homes.

Imagine the integration of separate telecommunication technologies, geo-localization, radio frequency identification (RFID), authentication of drivers, students, and administrators of school transport using biometrics, the real-time transmission of location and school bus routes, notifications directly to the smartphones of parents and legal guardians of students on the bus, notifications direct to school and district administrators, linking of parents/guardians to their student(s) school bus activity, and more. These technologies make it possible to truly label school bus services as “safe school transport ”, and this label is appropriate for those that have effectively implemented and equipped their buses with the technological tool called the ReaXium Device and its accompanying applications.

ReaXium School Bus is a cloud-based managed service solution, which, as described in just one sentence, “secures the school bus and monitors student riders on said routes” in a specialized, comprehensive, and, above all, safe way.

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