3 Benefits Of A Student ID Card System During School Bus Transportation

Tablet and Student ID

School Districts around the country are now weighing the benefits of student ID cards for their student population while riding the school bus

Any transportation department must ensure the safety of its students. The best way to ensure a safe environment is by finding a reliable and secure way to track students. Therefore, school districts that have already adopted student ridership tracking systems agree that identity cards are essential to the operation of this type of solution. Parents may wonder at first why their children should take school IDs when riding to school on the school bus, but they soon realize how beneficial they are. In this article, we explain 3 key benefits of having a student ID card system and why parents need to make sure their children take their badges every day.

Accurate information of the student’s status

When a ridership solution such as ReaXium School Bus is implemented, drivers will use buses outfitted with a tablet to guide them during the trip, notify them of the right stop and show them the student roster, when the bus arrives at a stop or school, students will “check-in” or “check-out” at the device with their school IDs. The records of students’ scans provide useful information to instantly find out discrepancies between transportation planning and students’ reality, detecting these and taking action will ensure safety. With reports and personalized service, transportation authorities can find savings by understanding bus utilization and capacity which facilitates the process of FTE Reporting Audits.

Increased Safety

Increasing safety has been one of the most important aspects of student ID cards as a result of children taking the wrong bus, children falling asleep in the back seat, or parents not knowing the status of the bus that their children are on. School ID systems provide a quick and effective way to determine who should ride on what bus. As students scan their badges, scans will notify both driver and transportation/school administrators when a student attempts to board the wrong bus or disembark at an unassigned location. Furthermore, children who don’t belong there can easily be spotted because the badges have relevant information embedded. Parents and legal guardians also benefit from student ridership solutions, hen seeking safety and peace of mind while their children use school transportation, school bus tracking apps allows them to precisely know where the school buses are while onboard and get real-time notifications regarding the students’ estimated arrival time, pick up time and drop off times. Schools can count on better communication and visibility with the School Bus Solution that generates peace of mind to the families, administrators, and drivers.

Better Productivity

The implementation of student ID cards allows attendance on the bus to be tracked automatically. Drivers no longer need to manually track attendance during survey weeks, allowing them to concentrate on what they were hired to do. Furthermore, parents viewing arrival and departure times at every stop along the route allows them for better time management.


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