ReaXium Rundown – What’s next?

Nothing is more important than making sure our efforts are building towards a greater cause. In our last post, you heard about our flagship solutions and our insistence on identity management as the cornerstone of securing the safety of your operations, no matter your industry. Today, we’d like to share some insights on where we’re headed and how our innovation and technology is leading the way!

Follow Up Products: The biometric market is booming as organizations and governments realize that biometric information is unquestionably the most fail-safe way of securing information – and ReaXium is at the forefront of that innovation. By using our ReaXium Engine centered on identification/authentication, mobility of devices, and a strong system of notifications and reporting in real time, our solutions can be built upon to further serve vertical markets looking to integrate technology solutions and the security they provide into their daily operations

Operational Efficiencies: Regardless of location, devices will have access to the entire ReaXium Engine in the Cloud and can be constantly synchronizing and updating data and information. In this way our mobile biometric solutions combine mobility and security between sectors, as well as access and real-time queries via the dashboard for consolidated and detailed data & information for each solution implemented by ReaXium. Real Time Notifications are a strong component of ReaXium solutions combined with state of the art mobile apps for IOS and Android environments

ReaXium has been developing highly customized and serviced solutions since its inception in 2016. Our two flagship products of School Bus and Mobile Citation have opened the gates to expanding to other areas of secure transportation and citation issuance. Beyond these markets, our insistence on the future of mobile biometric technologies has paved the way to serve governments, companies, and organizations looking to place secure identification, mobility, and real-time visibility at the forefront of their needs/goals.

We invite you to keep an eye on this space. We’re committed to bringing you great news every month !


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