Student ridership data has never been easier to upload thanks to the ReaXium data loader!


When we think of the beginning of school year, in transportation, there is always the great challenge of organizing all the information that allows to relate students to the routes and their respective stops, thus allowing the drivers of the school bus to know the routes to be executed, stop by stop and finally which are the students who will board-get off at each one of them. This task can take a good amount of time depending on the level of process automation that the transport directions have in place. Today there are many systems that offer routing planning, student information management, ridership and so on, but when the information cannot be easily exported among these systems users need to upload semi-automatically utilizing office tools such as spreadsheets.

Based on our experience with customers we have confirmed the importance of an appropriate methodology when implementing a core ridership solution. The input data’s quality and the efficiency of the processes and tools play a relevant role for success to keep the project on track, obtain trustful output and ultimately guarantee a successful implementation.

The Reaxium School Bus solution offers a reliable source of information to manage ridership, but this information is as reliable as the quality of the initial data uploaded to the solution database and further ridership events captured daily.

We are proud to present our new tool, the ReaXium Data Loader, our solution for those customers who are facing the challenges of lacking automated systems for data loading of routing information, and in some cases even the student information itself, into the ReaXium School Bus solution. This tool will support these customers when uploading their data into the Reaxium School Bus database from a common source such as Excel.

Customers will also be able to validate all the data preloaded by ReaXium that was gathered at the beginning of the Set-up phase or from previous school years. And furthermore, they will be able to upload their complete specific data in bulk fashion.

  1. The Data Loader is also useful for data maintenance when Bulk upload of new or updated data is needed.
  2. 100% integrated with the Reaxium School Bus solution, customers will be able to verify the integrity of the database immediately online.

For most users, the disadvantage of manipulating a big amount of data exporting from traditional systems is the risk of data integrity due to human error, therefore, to mitigate this the use of technology would empower them to audit, clean and maintain the data in a secure and fastest way.

Here is a preview of the user-friendly data loader:

ReaXium wants to provide all school buses transportation operations with the optimal technological capabilities so students can be safe while being transported to and from school.

We encourage you to take a look at what technologies your district’s transportation department may be investing in.

And remember… a safer school bus is a connected school bus!

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