ReaXium Solutions are designed to create safer environments and improve efficiencies with access to real-time dashboards.

These offerings empower school districts, organizations and communities to optimize service levels for students and other users,  and help them make informed decisions leveraging cloud solutions that provide visibility, safety, and information in real-time.

School Transportation

Provide everything your transportation department needs.

ReaXium School Bus

Student Ridership, GPS Tracking, Contact Tracing, Bus Seating Charts and Mobile Applications.
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Family & School Reunification Solution

Family Reunification

Improve student safety during a crisis situation.

ReaXium School Reunification

Adopt a plan that guides family reunification.
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Student Badging Solution

Student Badging

Identify and secure students.

ReaXium Vision

ID badges, Photo ID software and printers.
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School Attendance

Simplify student attendance tracking.

ReaXium School Attendance

Provide classrooms the tools to accurately monitor daily student attendance.
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School Cafeteria

Digitalize your cafeteria.

ReaXium School Cafeteria

Streamline food services with accurate identification and monitoring.
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Electronic Ticketing

Streamline code enforcement across your departments and officers.

ReaXium Mobile Citation

Provide private and public officials the tools to efficiently issue, manage and monitor citations of all kinds.
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