Brevard County begins integrating new technologies to improve school transportation

Brevard County Public Schools Piloted A Student Ridership Solution And A Gps Tracking System To Facilitate Full Implementation To Take Place Next School Year.

In April, the ReaXium team gathered all the data and information needed to configure the software solution and install all the hardware, in order to be ready for the pilot that took place from May 2 to 20 of this year. This pilot involved a dual GPS tracking system and the ReaXium School Bus solution, a comprehensive service that tracks student ridership, minimizes errors in attendance reporting, and provides greater visibility for school administrators and parents as students travel to and from school.

For 3 weeks, Brevard Public Schools and ReaXium implemented the pilot program at Riviera Elementary School and Viera High School. This pilot managed 20 school buses, 20 school bus drivers and over 1350 students from both schools.

From the start it was evident that collecting student ridership data is a major, costly, pain for Brevard. The ReaXium Solution is  capable of replacing the manual process now used for student ridership collection thereby making the procedure more accurate and cost-efficient. Furthermore, the pilot also started the modernization of their fleet tracking systems with the configuration of GPS units in each bus used for the pilot. With a GPS tracking system in place, they are now able to monitor their students and school buses in real-time to provide a greater service and safety. In addition to safety, the pilot found an opportunity for financial benefits with the investment in the solution. The automation and accuracy of the technology made them realize the possibility of receiving more funding as our system will most probably count more students compared to the manual count they were doing.

We want to give special thanks to the drivers assigned to this pilot for their great effort in learning new technologies and guiding them to better serve the community. They appreciated the ability to familiarize themselves with student names and faces, the map view and route  assistance of the device, as well as the ability to track student behavior.  Most importantly, they were excited that the system eliminates the need to compile student rosters by hand, a  tedious and inaccurate task.

This pilot paves the way for the next school year, where the solution will be configured for all schools in the school system!


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