Demystifying biometrics: Part 3

Did you know that it is now possible that credit cards may come with an embedded fingerprint scanner? Some financial institutions have discussed this option to prevent a stranger that has stolen a credit card from using it, by requiring transactions to be authenticated via fingerprint scan. Each time the card is to be used, it must pass the authentication of its owner before a payment is processed. Unless the owner is present, the stranger is unable to use the card as they will not be able to complete a transaction. And this is just one example of how biometrics are being incorporated….

Would biometrics serve as a viable alternative to traditional security? Are biometrics the future of digital security?

Cyber security companies are exploring new methods to prevent malicious attacks on a person’s private information. Biometrics seemed to be so far out of reach in the past, and only viable to special agencies. However, they have been made readily available and even advocated as the front-line of defense against hackers. For example, adoption of two-factor authentication has shown promise in providing more security because it requires the user to not only enter in their login credentials, but also a code that is sent to their mobile phone or email associated with the account. The idea is to allow the person to be aware and present to accept or deny the request for information which is exactly what biometrics aims to accomplish; the person present is the sole owner of the information.

People may feel that their identity is at greater risk with biometrics, however this would not be true. The best form of security is having visibility whenever private information is being accessed and being able to stop it immediately, which is attainable through biometrics. While passwords and PINS are proven methods of verification, the greatest risk is being unaware of who may have access to them. No matter the complexity or variations, there is always the possibility of the login credentials being exposed to unwanted parties. Security agencies are advancing further by identifying potential attacks on an account, but not everything may be intercepted in time. Biometrics wants to give a greater peace-of-mind to allow users to be in better control and aware of what is happening at a moment’s notice. With biometrics, verification is truly unique because only you can be you!


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