Security companies! never handwrite a ticket again

Security agencies need a tremendous update in their billing and record keeping processes. Their duty is to focus on apprehending offenders and monitoring the safety of a community, not to worry about an improperly written violation. Agencies that issue residential, commercial, and private violations or tickets relied on inaccurate processes that require more work and oftentimes cost them significantly more.

When a violation occurs, an agent will hand write the ticket with varying levels of detail that would then need to be transcribed onto an electronic document or system to be sent to a local database. To provide proof of the incident, some agents would take photos on their personal cell phones and submit them to a cloud based photo drive to link to the records database at a later time. This is assuming that every agent performs the same steps when recording.

This presents the security agency a massive task of organizing tickets due to the lack of a standardized process and requires significantly more labor hours. In order to increase accurate citations, streamline a time-consuming process, and most importantly, reduce the costs, utilising a service such as ReaXium’s Mobile Citation would achieve these goals.

ReaXium’s Mobile Citation provides the agent issuing tickets a hand-held device with a built-in camera, that the agent quickly records details of the incident with a plethora of evidence. Once the citation is created, it immediately is sent to a database and ready for payment.

Easier record-keeping management, on-demand reports, and less workload, are the goals Mobile Citation aims to achieve for security agencies to better serve their clients. To increase work productivity and continue to provide world-class service, look into Mobile Citation.


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