Secure the transportation of your employees

In many industries, employers would benefit from providing secure transportation solutions to their employees. Aside from the implicit environmental impact that group transportation provides, implementing an identity-based and vehicle tracking solution for your fleet and riders ensures the safest ride for all.

By assigning employees to certain stops, routes, and schedules, your company can control who uses these shuttle services, even down to the time of day. This type of monitoring and management ensures your transportation resources are being used appropriately and sustainably to aid the commute of on-shift employees. Identifying passengers upon boarding collects important data about time of arrival and departure from work sites, further improving time and attendance reporting for your payroll administrators.

Similarly, the benefits of vehicle tracking ensures teams and onsite supervisors know who the incoming employees are and their ETA to the worksite. Logistics and project management pains are alleviated when your commuters’ can be expected to arrive and join your ongoing daily operations efficiently.

ReaXium empowers employers who provide transport services to their employees to better track attendance. Supervisors and administrators can know precisely where their inbound shuttles are and get notifications in real-time regarding team member pickup and drop-off or any alert dispatched by a driver through a mobile app or dashboard. Secure the transportation of your employees today!

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