Dear Parents, Guardians & Familes

You put your children’s safety first. So do we.

We understand how important it is for you to be connected with your children while onboard school transportation.

When it comes to the safety of students, it all starts on the school bus ride to school.

Let’s protect your children!

School days can be stressful

Get the peace of mind your family deserve

About the App

With ReaXium School Bus you will have the technology and tools to monitor your child during school transportation with ease. Being connected to your children and the school transportation department is key to providing better safety, visibility and peace of mind for all.

Stay connected with your child at all times with
ReaXium School Bus


Every time your student boards or exits a bus, you can see the bus information, pickup/dropoff location, and time when the event occurred. Irregular student events will be flagged and the location where they occurred can be consulted.


If for any reason, your student’s school bus experiences an incident or delay, drivers can notify you!


Track the location of your student’s school bus in real-time so you always know when the bus is right around the corner!


Sometimes, your student may get on the wrong bus by mistake, the ReaXium School Bus system ensures that he or she will be helped by giving them the right bus and route information, as well as redirecting them to where they need to be.

How do we make this happen?

Districts will have access to real-time ridership and bus information so they can be prepared to oversee their fleet and the transport of your child.

Drivers will have buses outfitted with a device to guide them during the trip and notify them of the right stop and student roster.

Families need to make sure their children take their badges every day.

Each student is issued a badge* with RFID technology. It is important because with their badge they will be able to check-in and out when boarding and leaving the bus. You will have access to your particular student & assigned bus information and real-time updates through the ReaXium Parents App.

*These badges do not contain any student information.

Get on board ReaXium School Bus with ease!


Verify your email

If your school district currently offers ReaXium School Bus, you should have received an invitation code and the app's link via email.
If you have not received an email, you can still get on board by requesting a code. You can click here or go to your school's website.



Provide schools Once you know what your code is, then click here to launch the app and finish registering.
You may use the app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


You are on board!

After choosing the subscription plan that fits your family members' needs you are good to go!
If you know for a fact your district is not on board, reach out to your transportation department or superintendent and let them know you are interested.