Contact Tracing on the School Bus

Contact Tracing Reporting is a COVID19 response feature of ReaXium School Bus that demonstrates the value of capturing accurate, comprehensive student ridership data daily to mitigate the spread and fight the pandemic.


For Administrators

Count on the best Contact Tracing tool to quickly identify

All accompanying passengers

Time spent onboard together

Seat assignments to determine proximity

Emergency contact details

Having these details on hand ensures districts and schools have everything they need to effectively communicate to all parties the safest next steps.

Integrated Bus Seating Chart

Easily determine who needs to be quarantined

Know students’ time and exposure to potentially ill riders or drivers.

Reports available on-demand

At district-level

At school-level


About ReaXium School Bus

ReaXium School Bus is a comprehensive student ridership solution that improves the safety, visibility and communication of school bus transportation with the integration of tools for everyone involved