Keeping Riders Safe from Violence While Onboard School Buses

Our partners at the National Association for Pupil Transport (NAPT) shared a tragic incident that recently took place. An enraged motorist in Minneapolis severely injured a school bus driver, sending the driver to the hospital. Fortunately, the bus driver is expected to make a full recovery. Just over two weeks earlier, two men boarded a school bus in Michigan and attacked the driver. While both incidents mainly involved the attackers and bus drivers, young students were onboard in each situation.

These attacks on our bus drivers are deplorable, but the possibility of involving students is unimaginable. NAPT President Barry R. Sudduth stressed the importance of providing training to school bus drivers to enable and empower them to avoid or mitigate similar incidents.

It is disheartening to hear that such actions take place against our school community, as many people like drivers and teachers do as much as possible to help prevent these situations and advocate for greater school safety for our students.

ReaXium believes that providing drivers and teachers with tools to proactively react to potentially dangerous situations can produce the best possible outcome for students. Our solutions allow drivers to quickly dispatch an alert that notifies administrators and officials of a crisis situation with additional details such as identified driver, precise GPS location, and a roster of everyone currently onboard - crucial information for time-sensitive incidents.

Thinking what can happen before the event occurs, creates an effective plan to better handle them. With ReaXium, our initiative has been to take a proactive approach during high-stress situations in the classroom or out on the bus.

As schools continue the second half of the school year, we urge school districts, parents, and local communities to bridge the gap for an safe and healthy learning environment. We stand with everyone that puts school safety, on and off campus, a priority.