How Technology is Making School Buses Safer?

The ReaXium team is excited to share an article of the A&S International magazine titled “How Technology is Making School Buses Safer”. This great piece outlines the changing landscape of technology for school buses and the many ways cameras, onboard Wi-Fi, GPS tracking, and biometrics mobile devices, amongst others, are making it safer to transport students to and from school

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From pick up to drop off… ReaXium School Bus provides peace of mind.

Our CEO, Edgar Zorrilla, shares how student monitoring solutions for school buses are allowing both parents and administrators to keep track of students during their bus journey. ReaXium cloud-based student ridership solution, ReaXium School Bus, ensures parents and administrators stay connected to their students’ buses in real-time with the utilization of tools for everyone involved.

ReaXium's unique and comprehensive solution provides the schools’ transportation administrators and campus personnel a full picture of daily school bus operations through a real-time dashboard portal. For this to work, the solution needs the implementation of a mobile device in each school bus that allows the driver to identify and authenticate each student scheduled for pick up or drop off at each stop of the assigned route. Integration of our services creates records of student scans and will notify both driver and transportation/school administrator when a student attempts to board the wrong bus or disembark at an unassigned location. The dashboard also provides useful information to instantly find out discrepancies between transportation planning and students' real activity. With reports and a personalized service, transportation departments and ultimately schools can find savings by understanding bus utilization and capacity which facilitates complex processes such as FTE State Reporting Audits

Parents and legal guardians also benefit from our solution. When seeking safety and peace of mind while students use school transportation, the ReaXium Parents App allows them to precisely know where the school buses are and get real-time notifications regarding the students’ estimated arrival time, pick up time, drop off time, and their status along the routes. Transportation Departments and Schools can count on better communication and visibility with the School Bus Solution that generates peace of minds to the families, administrators and drivers.

ReaXium wants to provide all school buses transportation operations with the optimal technological capabilities so students can be safe while being transported to and from school.. For more information about ReaXium School Bus click here (link a school bus).

We encourage you to take a look at what technologies your district’s transportation department may be investing in.

And remember... a safer school bus is a connected school bus!