Electronic devices require special care before, during and after the summer season. ReaXium wants to leave you with some tips:


- Get a good waterproof or airtight cover to prevent any contact with sunscreen, water and moisture typical of summer.

- There are small universal silicone plugs on the market for the audio and charging connectors of almost any device. Look for them and you will protect them from the many breakdowns caused by the sand.

- If you are going to carry out riskier activities such as climbing, horse riding, cycling, trekking or others, avoid carrying your devices or get a cover specially designed for these activities.

- Children will have more free time these days, so try to put passwords on your devices if you don't want the files to get lost or misconfigured.

- Keep your IMEI code in case of loss or theft. Back up the contents of your devices.


- Do not expose your devices to the sun for long periods of time. The screens may suffer from pixelation, loss of tone and even the glass may burst.

- If you are using portable speakers, keep them away from soda, drinks and any liquids.<

- Activate a search app. The carelessness of leaving them on display on beaches, terraces or beach bars can lead to robberies. Always carry your appliances in pockets or bags that you can keep an eye on or even be airtight to carry them in the water.

- It is recommended to carry an external portable battery with universal connectors to ensure that these devices are not left without charge.


- If one of your devices "drowned" in liquid, remove the battery, microSD memory and SIM card to avoid shorts. Drain, towel dry, place in a bowl and cover with raw rice, at least 24 hours. Then turn it on and see if it works.

- Clean your device with a soft, clean, dry cloth. You can also use isopropyl alcohol to kill germs.

- Free up space by saving your photos and videos in the cloud


Odri Albornoz

Content Manager of ReaXium.

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