School buses transport some 25 million students every day in the US which makes the school bus the largest form of mass transit in the country. Managing such a complex system of transportation is a major task but making sure it is safe is even more critical. Safety measures in the past have focused mostly on school bus mechanics, safety features such as warning lights and seat belts, and crossing laws to protect students as they load on and off. The key component that has largely been overlooked is the driver. How can we better empower drivers to feel secure and in charge of not only their vehicles but their students? Just install ReaXium Devices onboard!

The ReaXium Bus Device got a built-in route assistant that gives drivers (and critically substitute drivers) a helping hand when driving an unfamiliar route or locating specific stop locations. Alert dispatchers allow drivers to have a direct communication line to not only their transportation supervisors, but also school administrators who may be waiting for arriving buses and even the parents of students onboard their bus. Granting drivers this direct communication access empowers them and saves valuable time.

Handling disciplinary issues and addressing concerns with school administrators is a constant source of frustration for bus drivers because it is difficult for them to know every student individually and children can take advantage of that gap in communication. As a student walks onto the bus and taps their ID card/finger, drivers will see their picture and name pop up on the screen. Before long, drivers become confident in knowing their students’ names and therefore build stronger relationships with them.

At ReaXium, we hope to empower drivers to feel confident in their bus routes and in their maintenance of a safe school bus so that they can focus on what is really important- getting our children to school safely and on time. The onboard device with route assistant, alert dispatcher, and student counters finally brings innovation to drivers.


Maria Sylvia Riquezes

Specialist @ Technology 4 Solutions & ReaXium

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