Across the country, transportation departments are overwhelmed with the task of ensuring students quickly and safely travel on their buses.

It isn't always black and white, however. Issues such as; clear communication with drivers, efficient bus routes, the timely arrival of students, and driver retention are common.

Address one and suddenly two take its place...

Is it possible to streamline repetitive tasks to tackle lingering issues? We strive to address the day-by-day issues of increasing student ridership, simpler bus monitorization, and reducing barriers of communication between bus driver to school to parent.

The solution, ReaXium School Bus!

ReaXium School Bus allows administrators to see buses in real-time as they travel from stop to stop. A built-in dashboard that they control, enables admins to remove or add students from a bus roster and remove the guesswork for drivers when picking up or dropping off students by setting their specific route (great for substitute drivers).

Drivers can even directly communicate with dispatchers about late-arrivals or accidents via an onboard bus device that syncs with the dashboard. Districts can even send these alerts to parents through a mobile app with curated responses.

A comprehensive platform that's designed for departments to point, click, and watch!


Kenny Nguyen

Business Development @ ReaXium

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