School Suite combines three of ReaXium’s student safety solutions: School Bus, School Attendance & Classroom Attendance. This system connects students, families, school bus drivers, teachers & administrators to ensure the safety of students and peace of mind of families.

Students authenticate on ReaXium Mobile Devices with their fingerprint or ID card when they board and exit the school bus, when they get to school, and as they go throughout their day, classroom by classroom.

All that data is automatically synced to the ReaXium Cloud, and can be managed by web and mobile apps for automatic reports, attendance monitoring, geo-localization, real-time notifications and more.

With ReaXium School Suite, students can confidently board the right bus at the right stop and attend all of their classes. Finally, families gain peace of mind knowing their students are safe by receiving real-time notifications about ridership & attendance to their smartphones.

Even better: bus drivers have access to real-time route information and send alerts with the device onboard to notify schools and families of any issue while on the road. Administrators can now pull comprehensive reports from the ReaXium dashboard,


Odri Albornoz

Content Manager of ReaXium.

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