Many of you have been following ReaXium and our solutions since our launch. Others have only recently joined the family of team members, partners, clients, and friends. We invite you all to check out this rundown of what you need to know about ReaXium!

ReaXium is a technology corporation that creates and produces cloud-based applications and operates as a managed services provider in the mobile biometric market in the US and internationally.

Technology: Our innovative solutions combine mobile biometric technology, managed services, cloud-based applications, identification, authentication, mobility, security, and connectivity to solve the problems of today in vertical markets, such as, secure transportation, mobile citation issuance, biometric enrollment, identity management and more.

Our Flagship Solution: The ReaXium School Bus solution was released in 2016 and immediately after its introduction to Broward County schools our first client was signed for a 19-month contract. From school bus transportation to mobile citation issuance to the implementation of secure transportation solutions and mobile biometrics solutions, ReaXium has been constantly innovating to offer solutions for solving particular problems in the business environment of our clients, and at the same time, of their clients.

Innovation: Each solution is developed with the goals of innovation, mobility, biometrics and security in mind in order to resolve specific security issues in particular vertical markets. Vertical markets we serve include, school transportation, inmate transportation, employee transportation and attendance, HOA/POA mobile citations, warnings, and fines, traffic citations, as well as other types of citation such as, environmental violations, permits and registrations violations, and other applications to come. These solutions are developed within the levels of innovation required to ensure the proper authentication of the users involved by using up-to-date mobile devices with integrated biometric technologies.

Our innovative technology paved the way for our flagship solutions. Beyond that, ReaXium has been developing applications, programs and services centered around identity management. Stay tuned for a rundown of where we’re headed!


Maria Sylvia Riquezes

Specialist @ Technology 4 Solutions & ReaXium

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