ReaXium Mobile Citation is a cloud-based solution designed for the safety and peace of mind of residents in any community. The scanners that were once seen with astonishment in James Bond movies can be used quickly and easily by your neighborhood security to protect your community today.

The biometric and barcode/QR readers embedded in our Mobile Citation devices identify and register the people and vehicles that access the protected area. In this way, access control cannot be circumvented and the information gathered is absolutely reliable.

This registry also includes the user or security guard who is responsible for using the device, so that only authorized personnel can log in and generate data through the cloud-based platform.

Road safety

A badly parked car can generate more conflicts than its driver realizes. Leaving the vehicle unattended for long hours in the wrong place can hinder and jeopardize the circulation of other vehicles, which may require risky maneuvers and increase fuel consumption, in addition to preventing the passage of regular pedestrians and people with disabilities .

Speeding is another problem that can have dire consequences for communities. Children, elderly people, pets and any pedestrian can be at risk if a reckless driver is not stopped and reprimanded in time. These forms of violations can be easily reported by officers using the Mobile Citation solution.


Real-time notifications, GPS monitoring, photographs and instant prints are great tools that characterize the ReaXium Mobile Citation solution.

Irregularities are reported with details and penalized immediately. All this information is registered on the cloud and the data can be managed from any computer through the dashboard, a user-friendly tool that provides all the data you need to maintain order, control and harmony in your community or organization.

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Odri Albornoz

Content Manager of ReaXium.

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