Security agencies that work with home owner associations (HOA), know the importance of issuing accurate tickets. Not only is it enforcing the rules for the community, but ultimately making it safer for individuals and families to feel safer.

However, what about beyond residential settings? In the city, it is critical for local enforcement to ensure motorists are operating lawfully (non-expired tags, fully functional headlights and tail lights). In addition, organizations like the City of Ordinance, define whether or a business has the proper zoning, safety, and building permits.

Many organizations that issue citations are still handwriting them which puts them at a disadvantage as they can be illegible and difficult to keep track of in a database. One new initiative is the use of mobile devices that expedite the process of creating the citation, and dramatically increase high-quality record keeping.

The problem with handwritten tickets is the lack of standardization. Officers/organizations create citations with a lack of consistency; misspellings, illegibility, incorrect terminology, which creates more work for the interpreter of the citation. And because these are handwritten, they must be entered into a database in order to be kept track of.

As mentioned, a new initiative to do away with having to hand write citations, visit a solution that ReaXium has come up with here!


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