The two central spheres of ReaXium solutions fall under Secure Passenger Transport and Citation Issuance, wherein identity management is a priority.

Secure Passenger Transport refers to the identification of passengers boarding or exiting a tracked vehicle. Operators of a vehicle fleet interested in real-time passenger rosters, notifications, driver’s attendance, and on-demand report generation benefit from the robustness and flexibility of this ReaXium solution. Configured and customizable for different verticals, the Secure Passenger Transport solution centers on the safety of identifying all riders and notifying all interested parties in real-time of transportation service performance and status. Verticals explored include: student transportation, as with ReaXium School Bus, senior citizen transportation, inmate transportation, tourist transportation, employee transportation and more. In all industries transporting identifiable individuals is key as well as tracking and controlling the routes. ReaXium Secure Passenger Transport aids in the security and optimization of these operations.

Using identification and biometric authentication as the main components to verifying and securing ridership, ReaXium’s special Registration & Authentication solution is a cloud-based system that provides diverse organizations or groups the tools to biometrically register and authenticate an individual. This solution can effectively incorporate into personnel practices such as access control, time and attendance tracking, or identity verification.

Identity management has also spurred our secondary solution development efforts towards optimizing security force practices. Whether for public or private officers, ReaXium has developed an electronic citation issuance system that begins with officer authentication. From there, a customized wizard allows one to follow step-by step modules to complete and issue a citation. The solution allows for the quick scan of barcode driver’s license, photo evidence capture, and remote onsite printing, all while syncing collected data in real-time with records on the cloud. Citation issuance can be commercialized for private and public security forces, local police, residential security, citywide inspections, and much more. If there’s a report or citation that is currently and painstakingly done manually, ReaXium has developed the optimum customizable and configurable solution to meet the needs of diverse teams.

ReaXium Secure Passenger Transport, Registration & Authentication, and ReaXium Mobile Citations represent the pillar solutions central to the company’s mobile biometric services. From these top-level solutions, the ReaXium team has delved into student ridership and attendance through ReaXium School Suite (School Bus and School & Classroom Attendance), as well as into residential warnings and citations with ReaXium Mobile Citation serving HOAs/POAs.


Maria Sylvia Riquezes

Specialist @ Technology 4 Solutions & ReaXium

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