Senior citizens find it increasingly difficult to get around independently. Family gatherings, meeting to socialize with friends, attending local events - these are things that shouldn’t be restricted due to an inability to drive.

As such, transportation services dedicated to senior citizens serves an important purpose - it enables senior citizens to pursue their lives.

Transportation companies also understand the level of safety and security they need to provide for all their passengers. Vehicles are equipped with safety features on the outside of the vehicle, but what about inside of them?

Their vehicles may be equipped with GPS devices to see where they’ve traveled to, but how would it identify all passengers onboard? What if administrators of the company are unable to locate where a passenger is?

An option would be to integrate the onboard GPS device with a feature to check-in and check-out passengers as they travel from stop to stop. This would also allow administrators to see in real-time to ensure that their drivers are driving to the correct stops with the correct passengers. This is made possible with ReaXium’s Secure Passenger Transport.

Senior citizens should not be restricted to leave their homes or adult-care facilities due to not being able to drive. Transportation companies understand that senior citizens have the liberty do so, and must achieve that goal effectively and safely with resources made available to them. Identifying passengers promises safety, providing a tablet-based solution promotes mobility, and ensuring real-time connectivity through the ReaXium cloud guarantees visibility.


Kenny Nguyen

Business Development @ ReaXium

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