ReaXium develops technology for society. We are committed to the community, especially by helping organizations that focus on youth aid.

On February 19th, we sponsored a hole for the 9th Annual Golf for HOPE Tournament in Windmere, Florida. Helping Other People Eat (HOPE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and awareness of eating disorders with information, tutorials, references and providing funding for treatment for those who cannot afford it.

We believe in future generations and social welfare, and we trust in highlighting these efforts as key to a brighter future. The proceeds of this fantastic tournament’s sponsorships, game fees, and more are used to help support HOPE’s mission.

For us at ReaXium, this was an amazing experience to connect with other entrepreneurs, advocates, and the greater community around this issue, and of course, we can never pass up a good round of golf!

Credit by: hopetolive
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Odri Albornoz

Content Manager of ReaXium.

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