Fingerprinting has become a part of our everyday lives- you use it to open your smartphone, rent lockers at theme parks, and so much more but how many people truly understand how it works? Here at ReaXium, we pride ourselves on being an advocate for the mobile biometric industry so this short memo will give you a bit more information and clarify some of the most common misconceptions about biometric technology.

Did you know that there are several different types of fingerprint readers? In fact there are four: optical readers, capacitive readers, ultrasound readers, and thermal readers. ReaXium mobile devices are equipped with optical fingerprint scanners which provide access control for a variety of our applications. Fingerprints are one of the safest and most secure ways of verifying identity because they are unique, cannot be lost or stolen, and are not reproducible. Each application utilizes mobile biometrics in a slightly different way but the purpose is always security and efficiency.

Within the ReaXium School Bus Solution, both students and drivers can use their fingerprints to authenticate on ReaXium mobile devices; this ensures that drivers have the ultimate security and accountability but also that students are verified in the most secure way. ID badges or knowledge-based authentication methods (i.e. usernames and passwords) can easily be lost or stolen which is only exacerbated when working with young children.

So how are we at ReaXium protecting our users’ biometric information? First, a few key points:
- Fingerprints are not stored in our mobile devices
- Digital fingerprint captures are not replicable
- Fingerprint data is useless outside the realm of our application
- All data is encrypted and secure

But, how does it actually work?

The sensor captures an optical image of the fingerprint which is encrypted and converted into a set of characters. The only information stored on the device is that unique set of characters. No one can replicate or misuse someone’s fingerprint with this unique code. Outside of this solution, the code created is not traceable to any form of fingerprint data.


Maria Sylvia Riquezes

Specialist @ Technology 4 Solutions & ReaXium

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