“Bullying" refers to the the harassment of an individual by another for the purpose of deliberately causing harm.

There are three kinds of bullying. Psychological bullying attacks a person's self-esteem and tries to make them feel afraid. Verbal bullying is characterized by all kinds of insults, nicknames, mockery, contempt, or attacks on physical defects in a public manner. Physical bullying, which is the most common, attacks the person by kicking, beating, pushing, etc.

It is of vital importance that teachers intervene in this conflict with psycho-pedagogical tools, listening and paying attention to students, and creating spaces for meeting, community and support within the classroom.

We believe in harmonious coexistence and we take the headache away from principals and teachers so that they can carry out their tasks in the best possible way. The biometric identification services that underpin our ReaXium School Suite solutions allow for the recognition of students and the monitoring of their behavior throughout their school day.

Once a student is identified and this information is managed electronically, reporting on behavior can be tracked to provide educators the tools to accurately assess and respond to bullying within their school hallways and classrooms. Managing identity and behavior through School Suite will alleviate bullying!


Odri Albornoz

Content Manager of ReaXium.

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