Being prepared for an emergency requires us to be informed before, during and after the emergency. Uncertainty is the worst enemy in an emergency situation, as it limits our possibilities for action and raises our stress levels - not at all useful when we need to think with a cool, clear head.

A school emergency can be even more delicate; it is of utmost importance that students are taught what to do in these circumstances and how to act intelligently in high-risk situations. However, sometimes being prepared for a situation does not mean that we have all the answers in our hands and everything happened as we thought it could. This is why immediate responses become a top priority: sending alerts, responses and signals can save valuable time and even lives.

Our real-time notification and geo-localization systems not only help in the day-to-day running of schools, but also are an effective investment in security, created to provide immediate and effective responses to irregular situations on the road (for school bus emergencies) or at school. In the midst of an emergency, ReaXium not only notifies the appropriate security agencies and student authorities, but also biometric identification and authentication systems allow us to know exactly who is on site.

Anticipating danger puts us one step ahead. With ReaXium, families and schools can live a little safer with immediate communication.


Odri Albornoz

Content Manager of ReaXium.

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