Education, in addition to being a fundamental right, is essential for the development of a human being. With it comes to deciding education for their children, many parents study the options available in search of the best school that suits their needs.

In recent years, charter schools have appeared as an alternative option and have gained a great deal of popularity. Demand has grown considerably more than supply, and those who are inclined towards this option face the reality of having to send their children to areas far from home.

At ReaXium we work to offer schools and families a comfortable, efficient and innovative safety solution for managing their students. Our mobile app allows parents to stay connected to their children while they are in school, beyond phone calls and messages.

Faced with options that reduce the safe proximity parents feel they may have for students in their neighborhood public schools, ReaXium is an ally that provides accurate, real-time information about every child in any institution, no matter if it is near or far from home. Charter schools and their administrators can now give offer parents peace of mind knowing their child got to school safely.

In an event of an emergency, not only will parents and legal guardians be informed through ReaXium, but alerts will also be sent to the school's principal and competent security agencies, avoiding any misinformation, alleviating uncertainty and allowing immediate and effective responses.

ReaXium solutions offer these alternative schools a level of security and monitoring that is not only needed, but soon to be demanded by parents considering these “far-from-home” education options.


Odri Albornoz

Content Manager of ReaXium.

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