Reports just in of another exciting year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! Some key takeaways were 5G network in new vehicles, drones and controlling them using hand motions, and mobile biometrics’ application in daily life. These are just a few items that were focused on, but everything has gone above and beyond what we ever anticipated.

Peter O’Neill, President of FindBiometrics, held a discussion called “New Frontiers in Mobile Biometrics” with a panel of keynote speakers including the Director of Technology for GSMA, David Pollington. Biometrics, in its simplest form, is the way by which movements of the body are measured. In the discussion with Mr. O’Neill, he goes over the use of authentication with biometrics.

Two-factor authentication was discussed in great detail. As a consumer, we often times are annoyed that some platforms require us to use it, but it is incredibly important to our safety. Constant pressure on tech companies to be better at data monitoring and protection, the European Union is changing the regulations for businesses to operate in cyber security for their customers.

Customer engagement is higher now than it has been in the past. Companies are listening their consumers and are utilizing other forms of authentication such as; facial scanning, eye tracking, fingerprint touch. In the technology space, businesses realize that their consumer wants options and by listening and providing options, people are more receptive to try them.

ReaXium is happy to see that the mobile biometric industry is moving in the direction that it is! Between the discussion with Peter O’Neill, and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there is a strong push to the real-world applications these platforms provide especially in security and prevention. As long time advocates of both, visit our website for more information about how we’re utilizing safety and biometrics.


Edgar Zorrilla

Founder and President at Technology 4 Solutions Corp and ReaXium LLC

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